Steam Clean Asia Provide Disinfection & Deep Cleaning Services

Let’s work together to eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs from your homes, offices and space. We can help disinfect & deep clean your home – beds, carpets, floor surfaces, walls, kitchen, bathroom, chairs, sofas, curtains and much more.

We Provide Two Levels of Cleaning


Residential & Commercial Fogging & Spraying

We Disinfect all surface areas to eliminate viruses. (Effective for schools, hostels, homes, retail, offices, places of worship, factories, hotels)


Steam Cleaning & Steam Mopping

It isn’t enough to just disinfect your space but to also keep it effectively clean from the hidden germs, bugs and bacteria too. Steam mopping and steam cleaning provides that double level of protection and cleanliness.

Steam Cleaning Really Does Disinfect as Well as a Sanitizer!

There are several reasons why our products and service are essential to be used in homes, offices, hotels or venue.

Sanitizes all Household Surfaces

Excellent to clean Cracks, Grouts & Tiles

Kill Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and Bacteria

Dissolves Wax, Glue, Grime & Chewing Gum

Eco Friendly, No Chemicals are involved

No. 1 Premier Steam Cleaning Company in Malaysia

My Steam Clean Asia Sdn Bhd is a Premier Steam Cleaning service company powered by the technology and high quality products by Italian steam clean pioneers, Steam Italy.

Professional & Dedicated Team

Operations 7 days a week

Premium machines used

Full onsite assessment

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